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Demolition EquipmentSitetech, Inc. maintains a fleet of late model excavation equipment, most of which is less than five years old. Our fleet of modern equipment allows us to manage and complete our projects on time and on budget and avoid costly delays because of machine downtime.

With the implementation of Topcon’s latest automated GPS machine control system and surveying equipment we are able to hold tolerances nearly unobtainable without this technology. You are guaranteed a highly precise finished product the first time because all the guess work and operator error are eliminated and the site is built exactly as the engineer designed it.

Equipment List

LOADERSKomatsu WA500-6 Wheel Loader353 HP7.3 CY1
LOADERSKomatsu WA320-6Wheel Loader167 HP 3.5 CY3
LOADERSCat 966KWheel Loader267 HP 5.5CY1
LOADERSCat 963D LGPTrack Loader189 HP 3 CY1
SKID STEERSCat 262C Wheeled Skid Steer82HP4
SKID STEERSCat 289CTracked Skid Steer90HP5
DOZERSDeere 700J LGPTrack Mounted115 HP2
DOZERSDeere 750J LGPTrack Mounted155 HP4
DOZERSDeere 850K WLTTrack Mounted185 HP1
DOZERSKomatsu D61PX-15Track Mounted168 HP3
DOZERSCat D4K LGPTrack Mounted84 HP1
DOZERSCat D5K LGPTrack Mounted96 HP2
DOZERSCat D8TTrack Mounted310 HP1
GPS SYSTEMSTopcon Base & RoverSurveying and LayoutHandheld9
GPS SYSTEMSTopcon Dozer SystemMachine ControlDozer Mounted14
EXCAVATORSCat 305C CRTrack Mounted5.2 t3
EXCAVATORSCat 308D CRTrack Mounted7.9 t3
EXCAVATORSCat 315D-LTrack Mounted17.5 t2
EXCAVATORSDeere 350D LCTrack Mounted35 t2
EXCAVATORSDeere 450C LCTrack Mounted48.2 t3
EXCAVATORSKomatsu PC88MR-8Track Mounted9.3 t1
EXCAVATORSKomatsu PC138USLC-8Track Mounted14.3 t2
EXCAVATORSKomatsu PC228USLC-3Track Mounted22.9 t6
EXCAVATORSKomatsu PC300LC-8Track Mounted33.5 t2
EXCAVATORSKomatsu PC360LC-10Track Mounted39 t1
EXCAVATORSKomatsu PC450LC-8Track Mounted44.8 t1
EXCAVATORSKomatsu PC490LC-10Track Mounted52.3 t1
EXCAVATORSKomatsu PC650LC-10Track Mounted64.7 t1
EXCAVATORSKomatsu PC800LC-8Track Mounted92.4 t2
EXCAVATORSVolvo EC330CTrack Mounted36.1 t1
EXCAVATOR ATTACHMENTSGenesis LXP 300Multi Processor43” Opening Cracker1
EXCAVATOR ATTACHMENTSGenesis LXP 400 Multi Processor47” Opening Cracker1
EXCAVATOR ATTACHMENTSGenesis GXP 400 RShear28” Opening Shear2
EXCAVATOR ATTACHMENTSGenesis GXT 2055RShear48” Opening Shear1
EXCAVATOR ATTACHMENTSLaBounty 3000R Shear35” Opening Shear1
EXCAVATOR ATTACHMENTSLaBounty 4000RShear40” Opening Shear1
EXCAVATOR ATTACHMENTSLaBounty HDR 50Demolition Grapple113” Grapple Opening4
EXCAVATOR ATTACHMENTSLaBounty HDR 70Demolition Grapple116” Grapple Opening3
EXCAVATOR ATTACHMENTSLaBounty HDR 100Demolition Grapple142” Grapple Opening1
EXCAVATOR ATTACHMENTSLaBounty HDR 170Demolition Grapple150” Grapple Opening1
COMPACTORSBomag BW211D-40Single Drum Vibratory84” Smooth4
COMPACTORSCat CS-433ESingle Drum Vibratory66” Smooth1
COMPACTORSCat CP-433ESingle Drum Vibratory66” Padfoot2
COMPACTORSCat CS-56Single Drum Vibratory84” Smooth3
COMPACTORSCat CP-56Single Drum Vibratory84” Padfoot2
COMPACTORSWacker Neuson RT82-SCWalk Behind Compactor32” padfoot2
EARTH MOVINGDeere 400DOff Road Dump Truck40 Ton2
EARTH MOVINGCat Challenger 865/Ktec 28CYTractor and Pan28 CY / 600 HP1
EARTH MOVINGCat 420E ITWheel Backhoe93 HP4
BACKHOE Cat 420E ITWheel Backhoe93 HP4
TRUCKSChevrolet 6500 Water Truck2,000 Gallon4
TRUCKSChevrolet 3500Tool TruckUtility Box 1 Ton10
TRUCKSCarry All Truck/Trailer Equipment Trailer50 Ton Trailer2
TRUCKSSemi DumpSemi Dump Truck24 Ton Load2
TRUCKS5/6 Axle Dump Truck Straight Dump Truck20 Ton Load2