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About Us


Sitetech Inc. is a union contractor in northeast Ohio that specializes in demolition, earthwork and underground utilities.

Sitetech was founded in 2007 by President Frank Jaram and Vice President Jason Friscone. We take extreme pride in our reputation in the industry. Our reputation is only possible because of our outstanding team, our clients and our suppliers. We strive to develop a relationship with our clients so that we can fully meet or exceed their requirements.

Our employees are the reason why we’re here, without their hard work and dedication we couldn’t offer the top-quality service that we do. Our employees bring countless years of experience, knowledge and safety awareness to every project we do.

At Sitetech our number one priority on the jobsite and at our facility is safety. We have many programs in place to make our jobsites as safe as they can be. We have a full-time safety director that makes sure everyone is being as safe as they can. If there is a safer method of doing something, we’ll implement it.

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