Safety is a core value of Sitetech’ s commitment to our employees and customers.
“Safety First” is our commitment to ensuring that our employees do not work in an environment that is in anyway unsanitary, hazardous, or dangerous to their health or safety.

This value stems from senior management and extends to the newest hire and is part of every Sitetech employee’s commitment to understanding that they have the right and responsibility to evaluate workplace conditions and stop work and correct unsafe conditions if warranted. This starts with a comprehensive safety program orientation and continues with ongoing safety training programs.

Sitetech’ s safety program is implemented by a dedicated full time Safety Director. Our involvement with national and local industry associations assures that our safety standards meet or exceed our peers and customers.

Through the use of electronic media and dedicated safety applications, our employees can implement, track and report compliance with all applicable OSHA, Sitetech and customer standards in real time.

Frequent and regular inspections of our facilities, job sites, materials, and equipment are made by the Safety Program Director and designated persons. These activities assure that programs and policies are current, applicable and consistent.

By sustaining our core values, completing tasks safely and efficiently, our efforts will result in a safe, quality product for our customers.